Gluten-Free Diet



Okay, so you are hitting the gym, bike spinning, wearing out the treadmill running like crazy, taking all your vitamins religiously, and eating healthier than ever. You’ve switched to wheat and multi-grain instead of white, yet somehow those pesky last few pounds just refuse to come off, and your stamina is at a standstill. Well, perhaps you are on the wrong diet.

The gluten-free diet seems to be the next big movement. Just take a minute and look around. First, look into your local supermarket and noticed the gluten free cookies and pies integrated with regular foods in the bakery section. Or the next time you order your pumpkin spiced skinny latte at the coffee shop, stare into the glass display and take notice of the Gluten-free muffins and home-made beet-root brownies that are now becoming ubiquitous.

So, is this the answer to losing those last few pounds and building unlimited stamina?  It certainly seems to have worked for Serbian born tennis player, Novak Djvokvic, who recently climbed to top of the athletic world after he switched to a gluten free diet.  And he doesn’t hesitate to credit the diet that helped him soar to the top. In 2010, when he hired a nutritionist, he got tested for food allergies and found out he was gluten-intolerant. This was causing him to have inflammation of the lungs, says his Doctor Igor Cetojevic, leading to difficulty breathing. Following the switch to a Gluten-free diet, the world saw a sleeker, more energized Novak that proceeded to dominate his rivals, winning 41 consecutive matches, the second best winning streak in the open era.



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