I have got the skinny on David’s Teas


David teas is one of my favorite Tea shops because of their variety of fun flavors. It is such a great place to go if you are looking for something to curb that sweet tooth while on a diet. With interesting flavors ranging from red velvet cake to North African Mint, I’m sure you will find one that makes you go ‘Yum’. And all very low in Calories – Hurrah!! Every time I go in there I always come out with more than what I went in there for. And what I love about Davids Teas is that you can smell all the unique flavors and get the low down  on each one of them by knowledgeable staff.


However, their selections can be very overwhelming. I consider myself a seasoned customer, and I still get bogged down with all the choices. So, I decided to narrow it down for you tea lovers who are looking for the healthiest and tastiest teas of the lot.


I had an employee recommend their healthiest teas. The first tea I tried was the Organic Bai Hao Yin Zhen tea. It is basically a white tea. This has a light, leafy, spinachy aroma, which I found rather pleasant. The taste was mellow, almost like a light black tea.  This tea is said to be hand-picked at its youngest, and it is China’s most popular tea. I liked this one.


The second tea I tried was the Organic Skinny. Now, I was very keen on trying this one. I am always looking for ways to trim off some fat…because eveeerrry little bit helps. It is also supposed to help with digestion. WooHoo!  I found this one very aromatic. It has orange peels, ginger and some kind of root called Eleuthero (a kind of plant). The flavors have a warm, spicy note.  However, the taste is a little more complex. I would say it was aggressive, but not spicy.  It is unusual and it is definitely an acquired taste. If you are feeling adventurous give it a shot. But this wasn’t my cup of tea.

That is my Skinny on DavidsTeas.


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