Sport lovers brace yourselves: A new Sports Grill is coming to York Lanes


Finally, an outlet for York students who enjoy sports and good eats! I have never been to a Shopsy’s, let alone heard of one until I walked past this yellow and black shop at York Lanes, but all the same, it’s a sports bar none the less.  What an interesting name eh? ” Shopsy’s”. It apparently been around since 1921. But anyway, not to get into a history lesson, from what I could tell from the website, it looks very promising. A place for students to relax and have a few laughs while tossing back a cold beer. And I can only imagine there will be a plethora of TV screens plastered on the walls coming at you in every direction with sports galore.

I cannot wait to try their food. They are known for their smoke meats and deli delights. So, this place sounds like a treat.

Note: It is still unclear when Shopsy’s will be opening its doors, but I’m sure it won’t be long.


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