Meet the new kid on the block…Toronto’s latest Food truck


Eat St. is one of my favorite TV shows on the Food network where foodies leave behind their 9 to 5 jobs, set out on urban streets in cool suited up trucks and serve up outrageous cuisine. I can’t say that’s what happened to Britney and Norbert, the owners of Curbalicious, but they do have a rad  truck and an interesting menu selection. So, I had to hit up their curb.


Once I reached downtown I  was a little lost on where this place was. But thank God for Google navigation. Once the blue arrow pointed me in the right direction, I got there within minutes. Now, I found their menu a bit pricy considering it is a food truck, but I guess we are paying for the gourmet selection. But anyway, I instantly knew what I wanted: the pulled duck.


After settling in a nearby café to find warmth, I  instantly tore into my sandwich. Right off the bat it was succulent and savory in every sense. It had a mild sweetness that reminded me of barbeque, and the bun was warm and soft. The coleslaw lent a nice texture and gave it dimension. The cabbage and carrots were crisp and seasoned with fresh cracked pepper. Everything about this sandwich was on point.  And to kick the flavors up a notch, be sure to ask for their in-house hot sauce which consists of habaneros, parsley, cilantro, and garlic. It is delicious. But beware! It is spicy.  A little goes a long way.



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