York’s Farmer’s market serves up tasty treats.


New entrepreneurs are serving up some tasty treats at the Farmers Market at York like these chocolate coated lollipops.


Who doesn’t love French macaroons. These colorful delights caught my attention the moment I arrived at the market. The pastries are made by Peter Piper’s Pastry Shoppe. They have gourmet chocolate bars, decorative cakes, macaroons and everything else that a sweet tooth lover would crave. I couldn’t resist trying their macaroons, which were $2 each. Pretty pricy I know. I ended up only buying two: the Pistachio and Mocha. The first one was really tasty. It was dense with an almond-paste filing. The mocha was just okay. It had a cake-like consistency and a coconut taste. I also found it way too sweet and the mocha non-existent.


If the fancy packaging doesn’t grab your attention perhaps the aromatic incense well. When you walk past this fragrant booth you cannot help but to stop and take whiff of their teas.  Kayla’s Teas are locally grown in Ontario and are Organic. The Jars cost $20, but if you don’t want to pay that much money on something that you may don’t like, don’t fret they have Teazers.  I picked up 3 packs which was 3 for 10 bucks. I first tried the Classic digestive. This smells delicious, almost like a red candy apple. But the taste was totally the opposite. It was aggressive and bitter, just yuck.  Next, was the Chaga Chai. Now, this was nice. The toasty cloves and warm cardamom comes through in this one. It was mellow and had a slight sweetness. Perfect for winter nights. Last is the Buddha Blend. This has a soft, sweet, floral scent of Chamomile and rose hips. I liked this one, it was light flavor and relaxing.


They have a large selection of Hungarian dried sausages and peperoni. Yum. Be sure to check out the Farmers market which is every Thursday from 12 p.m  to 4 p.m.


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