Adega: A Portuguese delight.


For my birthday I was taken to this Portugal restaurant called Adega in the heart of downtown. The food was fabulous. We began the meal with a couple of appetizers. First we ordered the Grilled Octopus and Pork Belly drizzled in a cabernet and tamarind reduction. This was good. It was grilled nicely which gave it a charred, smoky, flavor. The meat was really tender, not at all rubbery. And the sweetness and tanginess of the reduction sauce complimented the Pork Belly beautifully, which melted in my mouth. The only let down was how cold the Octopus was. The second thing to hit our table was the Grilled Portuguese Sardines. Three came on the plate. This was  salty and tasty, but  Sardines were very tiny. I had better. But it went nicely with the wine I was drinking.


They had an interesting dessert menu. So, I tried the Saffron Poached Pear in cinnamon and Madeira wine mascarpone mousse. This was simply delicious. The pear was nicely flavored with warm spices and the mousse was very creamy.I’ve never thought a pear could taste so decadent. Then I had the Lychee Crème Brulee topped with a Mango Sorbet. One word: yum! I really enjoyed this dessert. The flavors were on point. It was creamy with a nice thin layer of caramelized sugary top which gave it a nice crunch. And the mango ice cream had a lot of depth….just mango madness!.

Overall, the service was phenomenal. It’s affordable and the food was pretty good too.


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