Good Eats at Chase


A good friend of mine celebrated her 25th birthday at this Fish and Oyster house called Chase located downtown Toronto on 10 Temperance street west. We dinned upstairs on the fifth floor and I must say the décor and ambience was absolutely stunning with a Sex in the City vibe. When you first walk in you are met with a huge open kitchen where trained chefs are hard at work. The restaurant had a white banquet-style sofa  that  had a Marilyn Monroe feel. It ran along both sides of the room and the dimly lit chandeliers  gave the atmosphere a warm, cashmere glow.

We started off with the  Albacore tuna ($18 ) served sushi fashion topped with fresh grated smoked coconut on a bed of sesame seeds and garden mixed greens drizzled with light sesame oil.  This was really delicious. The tuna tasted fresh and delicate that melted in the mouth like butter, and the coconut gave it a nice texture with a hint of smokiness.

The shoestring fries ($7) are addictive. These bad boys came out hot and crispy seasoned with fresh herbs and cracked sea salt paired with a bowl of crème fraise for dipping.YUMO!

Next came the Brussels Sprouts ($11) topped with crispy bacon and some kind of creamy white sauce. This dish will tug at your taste buds with pure delight. The Brussels are beautifully pan-seared giving it a caramelized flavor which complimented the tanginess of the sauce. Definitely worth ordering.

The main course was the roasted halibut ($30) with baby potatoes and shaves of fennel. The presentation was pretty cool. The fillet bone was used as a decorative garnish which was placed on the fish like a seal on a boat.  However, there were mixed reviews about this dish.  I thought the fish was flavorful, juicy and flaky which gave way easily to the fork.  On the other hand my friend found it rather dry. But I’m a little suspect about that opinion, it might have been influenced by all the drinks that was guzzled, of which they have a wide selection.

Over all the food was good.  The menu items were sharable friendly and fun. However, the service was tad slow, but super friendly. Great place to have a romantic date, business meeting, or have a good conversation with friends.I will definitely go back.

Reservations: Yes

Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Saturday: 5pm – 12am
Sunday: Closed




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