Hey! You gotta try these Meatballs.


I must say, I’m not all that big on Italian food, unless it’s pizza. I don’t know, I just haven’t tasted a tomato sauce that knocked my socks off like see you on TV.  But, after seeing HEY restaurant featured on one of my favorite food shows, Diners Drive-in and Dives, I had to check them out. Located in Little Italy downtown Toronto, you cannot miss this place with its red logo plastered on the window’s shop. HEY!. It caught my attention instantly. And the humorous sign to come taste their balls is a hoot! 


The establishment doesn’t have much in terms of décor.  Its is small and narrow almost like a take-out joint with an open kitchen concept. However the ambience has a rustic, old, backcountry charm with wooden worn out signs hung along the walls, and a menu scribbled in chalk on a blackboard.


Since I heard so much about their balls, I’ll thought I would give them a try. So, I ordered the 3 pork meatballs in their special house sauce ($7).  The meatballs had a nice soft texture that sliced through easily with a fork. It literally melted in the mouth, but I wish it packed a little bit more of a punch flavor wise.. But the home-made Italian sauce made up for it. It had a zesty, peppery taste, and the freshly grated mozzarella cheese melded with the oil’s of the tomato dish was bubbly goodness. I soaked up every drop with my crusty bread, which was lightly brushed with extra virgin olive. 

If pork meatballs isn’t your thing, they also have veggie for you health conscious eaters.

I will definitely go back to try their meatball sandwiches and pasta. 


Chef Rod Bowers


Cost: Affordable

Hrs: 6:30 10:00

Recommend: Yes



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