Sensational Burgers at Burgernator


Since Toronto is having their first international gay pride this year, I thought I would make it my duty and work extra hard to scour the streets this week to find the best eateries that this city has to offer for arriving foodies.  I came upon this burger joint painted in charcoal black in the midst of the Kensington Market area called The Burgernator.

This place has such a badass, motorbiker appeal. When you first walk in your senses are instantly bombarded with the smell of smoky beef. The décor has chalked up signs along the walls which hosts their code of ethics for their handcrafted burger. The menu and prices are also written up in chalk. In the back of the restaurant there is an open kitchen where cooks are busy at work.

We placed in our orders and seated ourselves. 10 minutes later, the burgers were brought to our table. The presentation of the burgers were esthetically delicious to the eye, served in a aluminum deep dish baking pan with the standard checkered parchment paper.

I got the bulldozer($9:50)  which consisted of lean ground lamb with Havarti cheese topped with fresh mango salsa, sautéed jalapenos and in-house chipotle Aioli. The patty was juicy and had a nice caramelized crust outer layer. However, the lamb flavor did not come through for me. The  in-house aioli had a creamy peppery, sweet flavor. The jalapenos gave it an extra kick with a little heat.The bun was pillowy soft which held the sandwich nicely together. If you like creamy, cheesy burgers. This is it.


The Baconator ($13.99). Since this was the house special, my posy and I had to try it. This gastronomical burger was composed of old-aged cheddar, in-house smoked beef bacon drizzled with burgernator sauce (aioli) accompanied by in-house rustic skin cut fries  served with garlic mayo for dipping. This burger had a really nice outer crust, but lacked succulence.  I would have liked it a bit more juicy. The beef baon stripes were thick cut slabs which had a beef jerky flavor that played well with the spiciness of the chipotle sauce. They really were the highlight of the burger.


The last burger was the Captain Jerk ($8:50). This burger was dressed up with creamy harvati cheese, grilled pineapple and jerk sauce. The patty was moist with a nice outer crust. The thick red jerk sauce was the star of the show here. It had a savory tomato sauce base flavor with just enough heat to set your mouth tingling. And while the pineapple lends a nice mild sweetness, the flavor of it was a little lost. Over all the sandwich was quite delicious.


And we couldn’t leave without trying their Rocket Fries ($4.99). This was ooey gooey goodness. The fries were smothered in the home-made jerk sauce and aged cheddar cheese, and drizzled with a creamy garlic sauce. This tasted straight-up like spicy pizza fries. The jerk sauce really comes through here, and the salty sharp cheddar cheese sauce stretched with every bite and held everything together in perfect harmony.


I will definitely go back. Service was a bit reserved, but still helpful.

Price: Moderate

Hours: Mon -Th 11-9p.m. (Fri-Sat 10 p.m.)

Recommend: Yes


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