Yummy Mexican Churros: Pancho Bakery


As I was checking out the food vendors on Wellesley at the World Pride festival, my senses were instantly assaulted by the sweet smells of freshly fried churros. I personally don’t care for these fried pastries because the ones I had in the past were always stiff and cold.  But, my sister-in law had never eaten them before and assisted we must order some. I gave in and placed my one week of healthy-eating on pause. And I am glad I did. We got 3 for $5 and these bad boys were delicious. They were freshly fried, then rolled in cinnamon sugar and piped with silky sauces like caramel, chocolate, nutella, or strawberry. We got one caramel, one chocolate and one plain. The caramel was our favorite. They tasted like a deep fried doughnut with a slight crunch. Definitely worth every cal. Image

Spanish Churros laid out on a tray before frying.


Freshly Fried Churros


Churros getting piped with chocolate, caramel, or strawberry.


If I just made your mouth salivate, you can get your churro fix at Pancho’s Bakery. It’s at various locations in Toronto.




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