Light and refreshing soups at Pho Vietnam


Driving down Kennedy road between Forbes and Midland, you cannot miss the rustic wooden sign that bears Pho Vietnam with a big bowl substituting for the O in a whimsical fashion.  Now, just to let you all know, I’m not the kind of person that is gung-ho over soups, especially not the type that would go out of his way to dine at a restaurant that specializes in it. But since my spouse is a passionate lover of soups, I had to succumb and check out this place and I’m glad I did. 

When we first walked in the restaurant was packed, with a mixed clientele. We were encouraged to find our own table by one of the servers and found a nice cozy spot near the window. Our server promptly handed us the menus and came back in nanoseconds with a steamy pot of oolong white tea. I loved the place already. As I studied the menu, I noticed the prices were around $8. They had an array of soups and I must say I was a bit overwhelmed, but opted for a small bowl of the Pho-chicken soup cooked in Tom Yum sauce (trust me get a small).

 A few minutes later the soups arrived with a small plate of fresh mint leafs that looked as if it was just plucked from a plush garden. The chicken was served on the side  as well with nice caramelized  grilled marks ( I could have eaten this on its own.) The broth was clear and flavorful, not overly seasoned, with a touched of heat from the Tom Yum sauce. It was DELISH!.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this place. The service is efficient, and the prices are reasonable. However, don’t expect 5 star service. It’s just a place to chill and enjoy a good bowl of soup.