Torito Tapas….A Spanish Restaurant in Toronto


I was thinking of a nice, fun restaurant to take a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time, and Torito Tapas came to mind. I’ve been there once before and liked the chill-out atmosphere. This place is located in the Kensington Market where the area has a bohemian feel with eclectic stores selling their creative funky rears. So, I thought this restaurant would be perfect since we both don’t explore on this side of town often.

When I got there I was instantly greeted and showed to my table. I was a little skeptical how dead the place was, but twenty minutes later the place was packed! Good thing I had reservations. The ambience was intimate with dim lighting. And the walls were adorned with posters of bombshell movie actresses and cool art. The expose brick gave a rustic look to the restaurant, yet still having a classy vibe.


They had a variety of drinks to choose from, but we settled on sangrias($8). I ordered a red and my friend ordered a white. They both were equally good. The white was refreshing and light, opposed to the red which was fruity and smooth. Needless to say we were both happy with our choices.



One of the first tapas we ordered was the Ceviche ($11). This was a hit! This dish was consisted of roasted corn, chili peppers, diced red onions, and cilantro. The white fish tasted moist and tangy which seems like it was tossed in freshly squeezed lime juice, and the slight sweetness of the fried taro root chips was a nice compliment. We scrapped the bowl clean!



The next tapa that hit our table was the Cassava fries serviced with a spicy paprika aioli ($6). The fries were nicely seasoned and tasted even better with the creamy aioli sauce (which I can eat a tub of). However, I found the fries a bit starchy and over cooked for my liking. I can’t say these were my favorite.


Following next was the Patatas Bravas ($8). This was recommended by our waitress. This dish is basically diced potatoes served on a thin layer of cooked tomato sauce with aioli drizzled on top, garnished with crispy croutons and jamon serrano pieces. I liked this dish. The potatoes were soft and buttery, and the tomato sauce underneath gave the dish a nice light tanginess. This kind of reminded me of poutine, just without the gravy. I would’ve liked this dish more if didn’t have croutons which didn’t do anything to elevate the flavors. I would say try it if you aren’t counting calories. I was left finishing it.


Following next was the Grilled Spanish Chorizo ($9).  This sausage looked pretty mean with its spiky grilled marks. This tasted spicy and juicy. I didn’t find this to be tongue stinging hot, however the spices gave a nice kick to the palate. But I felt something was missing…perhaps a bun?….I don’t know. This dish was lacking something, perhaps creativity. I wasn’t too blown away by its presentation. It was pretty hard to share without butchering it up into mince meat.





Last but not least was the Lamb Sliders ($10).  I’ve heard great things about their lamb sliders so I was anticipating this dish. When I took my first bite of this burger, I was pleasantly pleased. The meat was succulent and nicely seasoned with salt. The lamb wasn’t at all gamy and strong in taste. And the aioli ricotta was creamy and smooth giving more depth to the flavors that were dancing in my mouth. The interior of the bun was chewy and soft while the exterior had a baguette type texture. My friend who isn’t a big lamb eater, finished her burger within seconds and liked it. So, there you go!



We both were so stuff by the end of meal that we didn’t have room for dessert. Oh well, next time.

I would recommend this place if you are looking for a cool place to chill with friends to have a great conversation, or to romance someone. The service is very attentive and nice.

Reservations: Yes

Dress: Casual

Price: Moderate

Phone Number: 416-961-7373




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