Los Chicos (Peruvian restaurant in Toronto)


When me and my hubby went to Washington D.C a few years ago, a good friend of ours took us to this fantastic Peruvian diner where the food was de-lish. Since then, my spouse has been craving Peruvian food and decided one day to google a Peruvian restaurant in our neck of the woods and Los Chicos came up which is located on Markham and Highglen Avenue.

When you first walk in you are greeted with their red logo on an expose brick wall.  Next to it is a counter where you order your food. We were greeted with a smile by a guy who was serving us and he generously explained their menu which can be a little confusing given that we don’t eat Peruvian food often. We decided to dine-in and was told the sitting area was on the second level. The restaurant is very simple and small with seven tables which were nearly occupied. The ambience was relaxed and rustic, it definitely had a hole in the wall feel with a lot of natural lighting. As we were waiting for our food to be served,  Peruvian music played which set the mood.


First came the Ceviche ($15). This dish is only served on Sundays. It’s consisted of muscles, boiled sliced yuccas, and fresh white fish cut into chunks tossed in secret house sauce which was tangy and light tasting. What made this dish interesting was the canchitas which essentially tasted like half cooked toasted kernels. I can’t say it elevated the dish. The flavors didn’t marry well. But the canchita was good on its own. I’ll say give this a try!


Later came our 1/2 Chicos Brasa combo, which was recommended for two people. It consisted of cooked Peruvian style charbroiled chicken, Peruvian rice served with Los Chicos Brasa Peruvian salad ($14.50). The rice was nicely seasoned with turmeric, salt and pepper. The salad was light and flavorful. I really not a salad lover, but this was gooood! I enjoyed the fresh veggies and diced avocado tossed in a creamy dressing. But the star of the show was the chicken. It was nicely charred, which gave the meat a nice smoky out-pit barbeque  flavor which I loved. The meat wasn’t at all dry. And their in-house sauce on top of it made it even more out this world. Their secret house sauces will make you want to do a happy dance. The chicken is served with two which one is spicy red and  the other green. I liked the green sauce. It had a wonderful tangy, yogurt cooling taste that brought everything together.


Over all,  great place to get your Peruvian food fix. It’s a family own restaurant with great homey service. I definitely recommend it . I’ll give it 4 stars for it being a take-out place.



Prices: Inexpensive

No reservations

Attire: Casual


Phone number: 905 -209-9100



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