My take on POHA (Indian dish)


When I visited India this year, I was introduced to this popular Indian breakfast dish called Poha which means flattened rice. My spouse’s maid prepared this for me one morning and I found myself asking for seconds. The texture of Poha tasted more  like a potato hash rather than rice, which was quite interesting.

What made this dish really pop were the peanuts and green chilies. They added a nice sweetness and spiciness to the flavor profile. These two ingredients definitely played will together. Star of the show.

When I got back to Toronto I decided to try my hand at this yummy dish since I knew the recipe. I was literally a fixture on the wall in the kitchen during my stay in India.  So, here are the steps of making Poha.


Servings 2 to 3

Time: 20 minutes

labor: Easy


1/2 of an Onion

1/2teaspoon of minced garlic

1 tablespoon of black poppy seeds.

4 green chilies (de-seed)

2 dried red chilies (optional)

1 teaspoon of red chili powder

1 teaspoon turmeric

2 teaspoons of salt ( salt to taste)

2 sprigs of curry leaves

1/3 cups of peanuts

2  Cups of Poha

1  diced white cooked potato ( boiled) (Optional)

2 tablespoons of extra olive


Dice one small plum tomato and de-seed it. Mix it into a 1/2 cup of  3% of thick yogurt.

Tip: This helps cool things down if too spicy.

Tip: You can get all these ingredients at an Indian grocery store.


Rinse Poha in a colander for a few seconds under luke-warm water. Or soak the Poha in a shallow dish, then strain the liquid with your hand. I tried both methods and I preferred rinsing it because the texture turns out better, in my humble opinion.

If using a potato in this dish which is optional, take a sauce pot and boil one potato for 10 minutes. Rinse under cool water and dice it into rough slithering pieces.

After that, place Poha and diced potato aside.

On high-medium heat in a big sauce pan add oil and black poppy seeds.  Once the seeds start to crackle, add curry leaves. Let the curry  leaves sizzle for a few seconds before adding the onions and salt. Sautee the onions until translucent and then add garlic and chillies. Sautee them  for a couple of minutes, then add peanuts. Stir them into the mixture for a few seconds until they get slightly toasted. Add turmeric and chili powder. Reduce the hear on medium low heat and add diced potato and poha. Stir for a three minutes until the poha is cooked through and everything is incorporated.




Enjoy this delicious popular Indian breakfast dish with your family and friends.  So, chalo, lets eat!










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